Reasons affecting the chip of the face veneer

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There are two situations that affect the chip, the main saw blade (large saw blade chip); the slot saw (bottom saw chip) External conditions: 1) Listen to the sound. The machine will resonate during long-term operation. Everyone knows that the car will resonate, and the saw blade will vibrate or shake during operation. If the vibration with the machine is too significant, the contact area with the ground can be adjusted; It can be adjusted contract surface if the saw blade shakes significantly between the drive shaft and the machine, resulting in the transmission of vibrations. So when listening to the sound, if the machine is cutting normally, you will not hear the harsh cutting sound. 2) Service life time of the bearing. At present, the bearings on most domestic machines are imported with seals. Sometimes during the long-term operation of the machine, the bearings are damaged due to vibration or dust (because the bearings are sealed and do not need maintenance) or the wear of the rubber collar outside the fixed bearing. . Viewing method: You can judge by listening to the sound when the machine is just started or ended. 3) The shaft has a certain degree of bending in use. Including the main saw and the slot saw have been calibrated at the factory, that is, the two ends are calibrated on a straight line. If the chip occurs at the factory and cannot be adjusted, it proves that there may be a problem with the axis.If there is a problem in using the project, what is the cause? Generally, when workers disassemble the saw blade, they do not understand the direction of the upper and lower saw blades, or the hexagonal wrench of the main saw is not taken out in time when the saw blade is installed, so the axis is deformed (this possibility is also possible, but not many) 4) Influence of the plate, normally when sawing melamine plates, the resistance of the saw blade for thick plates (that is, the thickness is thicker, 2.5, 5CM) is relatively large, so the saw blade needs to be adjusted lower, so as to reduce jitter; The density of the melamine board is also an influencing factor. In the factory I work in, there are both high-quality and low-quality sheets. If the density is relatively high, try to reduce or increase the speed to reduce the jitter of the saw blade. The melamine board is being produced. In the process, I have also seen their large-scale assembly line, however, I have concluded that sometimes their upper and lower templates are not on the same plane or parallel plane, which leads to different thicknesses during the extrusion process of the plate (such as 2.5CM in the middle of the plate, and 2.4CM on the four sides, or the bonding force is different between the plate materials). which leads to the fact that sometimes the slot saw cannot touch the slab on the plane of the push table when cutting the material, or the slot saw tends to run obliquely when drawing a line at the bottom, resulting in clipping large saw blade.Therefore, when feeding the board, be sure to check the overall thickness or adhesion of the board (if there is a clip saw, the general woodworker will find it, try to use a small board to measure 50CM × 30CM) When the sliding table saw cuts the melamine board, sometimes the material used in the board is more dusty or more impurities or more glue will affect the sharpness of the saw blade, for example, the inner glue of the board is more the saw blade needs to be cleaned before it has opened to many square plates. The melamine board is deformed, and the hot board or the untreated hot board will be deformed when it becomes a cold board. Or there will be a wrong placement method, which will lead to the deformation of the melamine board. 5) During the use of the main saw and slot saw, everyone knows that the material obtained includes the work piece and remaining material required this time, the second is that the material used this time is different in size from the left and right ruler of the operator. If the worker uses the material obtained by the left ruler, the main sawing and blasting edge are possible in addition to the above reasons:The worker did not adjust the ruler properly. When the worker adjusted the ruler, there was a foreign object on the ruler, which caused the plate to explode; excessive damage to the machine runway caused the edge to explode or the size was slanted, or the saw was clamped.The machine guide rail has not been maintained for a long time, so that the lower sliding wheel does not affect the edge burst on a line; the alloy steel of the saw blade is too poor or too blunt, resulting in a large area of chip; the saw blade is not sharp or too high, resulting in sporadic white serrations appearing; The workers did not handle the method of pushing the large material and the small material well. The large material should be tilted on one side to make the center of gravity of the sheet fall on the pushing table; the thick material and the thin material are used in the same way as the large and small material;The arching of the board causes the wire drawing saw not reaching the board. After the wire drawing saw is raised too high, the jitter affects the saw material; the wire drawing saw is not sharp; the wire drawing saw and the main saw are not on the same line; The angle between the drawing saw and the main saw is inconsistent with the ground, resulting in excessive resistance and chip.

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