Pushing Type Sawing Machine (manual operated)

The product is 9800mm long, 1500mm wide and maximum-value high. Specific parts refer to the drawings.

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Product parameter

The product is 9800mm long, 1500mm wide and maximum-value high. Specific parts refer to the drawings.

Product function

Pushing Type Sawing Machine Production efficiency (1) The machine produces the triple ply boards (3mm thick). It produces 20 sheets per time, 40 sheets per minute, 2400 sheets per hour and about 10000 sheets within 10 hours if the time of raw materials being taken into the machine is considered. (2) The machine produces 18mm-thick plates. It produces 4 sheets per time, 8 sheets per minute, 300 sheets per hour and about 3000 sheets within ten hours if the time of raw materials being taken into the machine is considered. (3) Two operating machine workers are needed to align boards during the production.  Product features The manual-operating pushing type sawing machine ensures stable sawing effect. The transmission track of the pushing table is equipped with 40 straight lines. The diagonal error can be controlled within 1 mm and the straight line within 0.5 mm. The more reasonable power transmission effect as well as the better sawing effect. The frame is design more reasonably. The machine weight has greater advantages over others in the industry. It is of the stable quality and easy to operate after fine machining all parts. The product aims to saw the plates, such as chipboard, density board, Malacca, triple ply board, wood board, multi-layer board, fire-retardant board, melamine substrate, building template, Compete board, bamboo board, flame retardant board, LVL.


Brand modeltechnical parameter, QTY

Unit (MM)

Automatic Sawing Machine technical parameter


    RL-T2 Automatic Sawing Machine[weighting type]

Board specification:1220/2440, 1240/2460

External specification

Longitudinal sawing8600mm1200mm

Cross sawing4600*3400mm

Sawing blade: 305/2.2/25.4/112 gear teeth

Sawing motor

Geshi Holdinglongitudinal sawing 9.5 KW

cross sawing 9.5KW

Dust outlet: 8 pcs/120

Walking motor

China Jiarui2.2KW/4 poles/380V/4.4A/2 sets/ retarded machine: I=16.22/M1-0°

Linearity within 0.5mm, diagonal within 1mm

Lifter motor

Jiangsu Huaning3KW/4poles /380V/6A/1 set

150 / 1.2 / 30 teeth of cross saw blade underlined saw


Board hoist: 1 set

Linear track

Guangdong Dongguanlongitudinal 8200mm*2 pcs, cross 3800mm*2 pcs /40 carbon steel belt radial screw holes

Linear rail bearings

4 pcs/40 inside diameter open self-centering bearing (automatic refueling)

Sawing bearing

SKF (self-lubricating bearing included)

frequency converter

Nanjing Oulu4KW/380V/9.0A/2 sets/output: 0.5~600HZ


Xinjie: XC2-48R-E/1 set/electric relay of 28-point input and 20-point output

Touch panel

Weikong: LEVI777A/1 set/7-inch real-color panel with resolution of 800*480

Air-break switch

Zhengtai: NM10-100/100A/1 set

Isolated transformer

Zhengtai: BK-150/150VA/1 set/input 380V, output 220V

a.c. contactor

Zhengtai: CJX2-4011/220V/40A/4 sets

Electric relay

Zhengtai: JZX-22F/2Z/220V/11 sets

Current transformer

Huatong: LMZJ1-0.5/1 set


Huatong: 6L2-100A1 pcs


Huatong: 6L2-450V/1 pcs

Total weight: 5.5T

Proximity switch

OMRUN: E2B-M18KN16-WP-C1/DC24V/7 pcs

18 cm/hour/300 sheets

No. 4 Multi-blade sawing machine: Ruikai machinery ( Ruili -- automatic sawing machine) 1.Product parameter Width of processing board: 1220mm Processing range: maximum 60mm, minimum 5mm Main axis diameter: 90mm Main axis rotational speed:2600r Main axis motor power:45KW Feeding frequency conversion motor power:3KW Feeding speed: 0-12 per minute External specification: 2800*1800*1400 Weight: 3.1t 2.ssProduct function mj1300-xD4 Weighting Multi-blade Sawing Machine mainly aims to process LVL.

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