How to judge whether the saw blade needs to be sharpened

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How to judge whether the saw blade needs to be sharpened? After sawing a certain number of plates, the saw blade needs to be replaced and sharpened so that it can be used again next time. So from what direction should the saw blade be judged when it needs to be sharpened? 1. There are burrs on the edge of the board Under normal circumstances, the burrs on the half edge of the sawing will be less or easy to remove. If you find that there are too many burrs or edge chipping, and it is difficult to remove, you should consider whether the saw blade needs to be replaced. 2. Abnormal sound Under normal circumstances, the sound of the saw blade is relatively uniform and no noise, but suddenly one day the sound of sawing is too loud or abnormal, it should be checked immediately. If there is no equipment and other problems, it can be used as a basis for replacing saw blades for grinding. 3. Too much smoke When the saw blade is cutting, due to friction, it will produce a certain amount of smoke, which will be light under normal circumstances. If it is found to have a pungent smell or the smoke is too thick, it is likely that the sawtooth is not sharp and needs to be replaced and sharpened. 4. Plate edge section In the process of plate processing, the condition of the carbide saw blade can be judged by watching the sawed plate edge section. If it is found that there are too many lines on the surface of the section or the sawing tolerance is often too large, you can check the saw blade at this time, if there is no other problem, it can be used as the basis for replacement and sharpened. Reasonable maintenance of carbide saw blades is more conducive to the control of enterprise costs and the use quality of equipment.

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