Four factors that affect the working efficiency of the lifting platform

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The lifting platform has a very important application in many occasions, and the role is very important, but some people report that the lifting platform is inefficient when working, so what factors affect the working efficiency of the lifting platform. Today, I will share with you the factors that affect the efficiency of the lifting platform. 1) Select the hydraulic press reasonably. The pressure of the lifting platform adjusting the pressure valve is also an important aspect to reduce power loss. The flow valve is selected according to the flow adjustment range in the system to ensure that its minimum stable flow can meet the requirements of use. The pressure of the pressure valve should be as low as possible under the condition that the hydraulic equipment works normally. 2) Select the hydraulic oil reasonably. When the hydraulic oil flows in the pipeline, it will show viscosity, and when the viscosity is too high, a large internal friction force will be generated, which will cause the oil to heat up and increase the resistance of the oil flow. While the viscosity is too low, it is easy to cause leakage, which will reduce the volumetric efficiency of the system. Therefore, the oil with suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics is generally selected. 3) In addition, when the oil flows in the pipeline, there is still pressure loss along the way and local pressure loss, so when designing the pipeline, try to shorten the pipeline and reduce the elbow. 4) Ensure the voltage stability of the working environment of the lifting platform. Voltage instability will burn out various electrical components in the operation box, and the lifting equipment cannot be controlled, And frequent voltage instability will directly burn out the motor in the power unit. The consequences of motor burning are very serious, which will cause the pressure to drop instantaneously. If the lifting equipment is not equipped with safety equipment such as relief valve or explosion-proof valve, it will cause the lifting equipment to fall and cause accidents. The above are the four major factors that affect the working efficiency of the lifting platform. Knowing these four points, I believe that you can avoid these four points in actual operation, so as to ensure the high efficiency of the lifting platform.

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