Analysis of operating skills of edge sawing machine

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In the process of wood processing, a lot of mechanical equipment will be used to improve the efficiency. It has to be admitted that the sawing machine can really guarantee the accuratequality and fast speed. It does not require too many personnel to complete the processing task.However, the personnel who operate the edge sawing machine need to be very professional. At least they can work after knowing the operating principle of the machine. If the new automatic edge sawing machine needs to be free running about 30 minutes before it is put into use, the main purpose is to further eliminate the effect of the welding cutter head on the substrate. The rotation direction of the saw blade of the CNC automatic edge sawing machine should be the same as the wood feeding direction for straight cutting, otherwise it is reverse cutting, in general, straight cutting should be used as much as possible. Pay attention to that the blocks should not be too small, and should be placed securely. The bottom surface should be padded with square wood, and the plug should be firm. The blocks should be located in the symmetrical position of the workbench to ensure the stability of the work trolley and the blocks without shaking and trembling. The travel switch should also be adjusted according to the length, width and height of the block, so that the lift of the saw blade and the travel of the feeder are within a reliable and effective range. In addition, in order to ensure the service life of the CNC automatic edge sawing machine, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, as well as avoid places that are too humid, excessive dust or corrosive gases. When cleaning the internal parts of the edge sawing machine, do not install it directly, and wait for the water to be completely dried before performing the on-machine inspection. The above is an analysis of some operating skills of the edge sawing machine in order to let you knowhow to use such equipment to make it have the greatest effect.

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